Sunday, 31 October 2010

In before the lock!

"So what did you get up to on your weekend, Mark?"


Got pissed with Mitch in the staff bar on Friday night. Not majorly drunk, but merry. Came up with a drinking game involving darts so that provided us with some fun.

On Saturday we helped out a teacher at his step-kid's birthday party. This in itself was pretty cool, but nothing major. Hung around in the KC pool and gyms.

The teacher and family then invited us back to his house for the evening to watch the ITM Cup semifinal (NZ regional rugby) and the All-Blacks game. We had some food and met a few of their neighbours: most of them had had kids that went to the party.

Settled down to watch the rugby, and although both matches were lost in exactly the same way (converted try in the last minute), it was a really good evening.

Stayed overnight on the insistence of the teacher, given that we were quite far from school. Today we just hung out really. I was taken up to Mt Eden which is 1) a volcano very near the heart of Auckland, and 2) The highest natural point in Auckland. Awesome 360 degree views of Auckland, so you can see basically the whole of Auckland.

The weather has been beautiful as well. Brilliant sunshine, warm but not hot, and neither too dry or humid. I have quite a healthy tan at the moment, as does Mitch.

Ended up coming back to KC in the afternoon and chilling in the pool a bit more, before they finally had to go home.

Then relaxed around the flat for an hour or so before dinner, and have been making some final changes to my PS before I attach it to my UCAS form.

So yeh, just been a really good weekend. Sometimes I think it's important to realise that although doing skydiving and stuff is obviously really awesome, you can have just as much fun from doing much more simple things.